This article will give you all the information about DK Oyster Review.

Do you plan an outing with family and friends? DK Oyster may be a good choice if you are looking for a spot with stunning views of the beach and fine dining, located near Mykonos.

Many tourists come to restaurants and bars from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Europe. Many people were curious if this was a good choice. Continue reading DK Oyster Review to find out the answers.


DK Oyster can be found in Mykonos Platis Yialos, 84600 PO box 346, Greece. The bar and restaurant are located right next to Platys Gialos’ beach. The restaurant and bar offer modern cuisines, great drinks, and a pleasant ambiance for guests.

Most customers were dissatisfied with the rating given to this visually appealing restaurant that offers a stunning view of the beach. Trustpilot gave it a rating of 2.6 in its restaurant and bars category. Restaurant Guru reviews gave it 2.4 stars from more than 3000 customers.


A couple from Canada visited Mykonos for their honeymoon. They were shocked to learn that DK Oyster had charged $570 for a quick snack.

Many people shared their experiences online, creating a lot of noise. Many claimed they took the money and refused to disclose the cost of any item before paying the final bill. Many called the business a “SCAM.”

It looks like a restaurant, but they may not be able to show you the costs and taxes. They may also try to scam you by charging you over $100 for a water bottle. DK Oyster Mykonos Owner is Dimitrios Kalamaras.


DK Oyster offers a variety of seafood dishes, including crabs and oysters. They also offer liquor. You can make reservations at the seaside restaurant or bar by calling ahead.

The restaurant is open from 9:00 to 5:00 AM. DK Oyster might seem like a beautiful and elegant experience. However, you will regret it once you see the huge bill for the least expensive thing you could have.

We hope DK Oyster Review has given you some warning signs if you still plan to go to the restaurant and are willing to pay a substantial amount for just a few small meals.


They were one of many customers who paid silently for whatever the restaurant requested. They have now moved to court and charged 600 euros for just two drinks and some crabs.

Many claimed they lured them into buying something, then overcharged them, required tips, and employed rude, unfriendly staff. We recommend that you be cautious about these types of scams. Click here to view

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