Nelson Angelil Age, Celine Dion Son Wiki, Twin Brother Eddy Angelil

Nelson Angelil is famous ad the son of Celine Dion. Her mother, Celine, is a prominent Canadian singer. She is among the top-selling and best-rated recording artists in the field. She is one of the most famous French music artists of all time.

Nelson Angelil Age, Wiki, Bio, Parents

Nelson Angelil came into the world on 23rd October 2010, in Florida, in the United States. The birth sign of the 12-year-old celebrity kid is Scorpio.

His mother is a professional Canadian singer. She is on the list of the top recording artist. She has her specialty in French language music. His father René Angélil was a talent manager, a singer, and a music producer.

His father René Angélil hails from Montreal, Canada, and was born on 16th January 1942.

Later, with the band’s dissolution, he started to manage the artists alongside his mate Guy Cloutier. nelson angélil

Nelson Angelil Age, Wiki, Bio, Parents

Nelson Angelil has 4 siblings brothers and a sister. Rene Charles Angelil, Eddy Angelil, Jean Angelil, and Patric Angelil are his brothers, and Anne-Marie Dupre is his beloved sister. Eddy and Rene Angelil are his real brothers, Jean and Patric are his half-brothers, and Anne-Marie Dupre is his half-sister. They are born to his father from his previous relationship/marriage.

Nelson Angelil’s father René Angélil left this world on 14th January 2016. He died in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States at 73.  Nelson was named after the role model of thousands, Nelson Mandela, the South African president.

His twin brother Eddy Angelil got his name from the beloved French music composer who was the music producer of the 1st five albums of Celine, Eddy Marnay.

His grandfather Adhemar was a professional butcher and left the world in 2003. Her grandmother Therese was identified with Alzheimer’s that further turned into dementia, and she left the world on 17th January 2020.

Nelson Angelil Parents Relationship | Marriage

Celine Dion 1st met René Angélil, a Canadian music composer and manager when her brother Michel Dion got a music tape delivered to him.

He became the producer of her 1st album, “La Voix du Bien Dieu,” with the amount he received keeping his house on mortgage. They got into a relationship in April 1987, but her mother was not convinced about the relationship as he was much older than Celine and had 2 marriages before their relationship.

Celine was truly in deep love with René Angélil, and the initial stage of their relationship was known to just their close friends and family members. They got in the media and announced their relationship in public in 1993 on Celine Dion’s 25th birthday.

The couple decided to be together forever and tied the knot on 17Th December 1994, in Montreal, Quebec. She had been through minor surgeries conducted at a fertility center in New York in May 2000. They were blessed with 3 children, Rene Charles Angelil, who came into the world on 25th January 2001, in Paris, in the United Kingdom.


She faced a miscarriage in 2009, and during her 6th round of IVF, she announced her pregnancy again in May 2010 and was blessed with twin brothers. The twin brothers Nelson Angelil and Eddy Angelil were born on 23rd October 2010. Her husband, René Angélil, left the world on 14th January 2016, as he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

The funeral ceremony was held on 22nd January 2016, at the same place Notre Dame Basilica, where the couple got married 21 years ago. Celine Dion’s brother, Daniel, died of cancer 2 days after the death of René Angélil at the age of 59.


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