Brooke Daniells Personal Life And Net Worth

Brooke Daniells – Personal Life

  • Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell met when they were dating in 2012.
  • The two had already divorced from previous relationships.
  • Each of them also had two kids.
  • Their relationship started out as a simple romance but soon turned into something more.
  • Eventually, they moved in together and decided to stay together.

Brooke Daniells Bio

If you’re curious about Brooke Daniells’s personal life, you’ve come to the right place. This Hollywood star is a mother of two. Her first child is named Sage, and her second one is named Zoe. The two met while working in psychiatry, and soon after they fell in love. Despite having separated twice, they have remained together and are now married. They have two children together, a boy and a girl.

  • Brooke Daniells is an American model, actress, writer, producer, and photographer.
  • She has a brother and sister and is currently married to Catherine Bell. She was born in Tomball, Texas.
  • Before dating Catherine, Daniells was married twice and had two children.
  • Her first marriage ended in divorce, and she is currently in a lesbian relationship with Bell. She is 52 years old.

Brooke Daniells Age

Her age is 52 (as of 2022)


Brooke Daniells was born in Texas and is of American nationality. She is of the White-American race, and she has two siblings. While she has not released the details of her educational background, it’s possible to learn that she graduated from Sam Houston State University.


She studied at Sam Houston State University in Texas. She later earned her Master’s degree in Communication from the university. Although she has not disclosed details about her education and her career path, she has worked as a model, photographer, and event planner. In addition to modeling, she also has an interest in orthodoxy. Her relationship with Catherine Bell is still very strong.

Brooke Daniells Career

Brooke Daniells began her career as a model. She won the Miss Texas USA pageant in 2009 and has since gone on to play a variety of roles in a variety of films. The actress starred in several films including Vanguard and The Apology Dance and is also a producer and screenwriter.

She is a former beauty queen who has appeared in several high-profile and low-budget movies. She was also a cast member in the film The Good Witch. Daniells has two children from previous relationships. Her ex-girlfriend Catherine Bell is also an actress. In addition to acting, Daniells enjoys working with various magazines.

Relationship with actress Catherine Bell

  • Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell were together in 2012 when they were on the sets of the HBO drama, Death Becomes Her.
  • They began dating after they met on the sets of the show.
  • They eventually married and had two children together.
  • In 2011, the couple decided to separate after 17 years of marriage.

Brooke and Catherine’s relationship led to the breakup of their marriage. Catherines parents disapproved of the relationship and they eventually separated. Catherine has a net worth of $15 million, and Brooke is only 5 feet tall. They have a similar religious philosophy and share a home in Hidden Hills.

Both Daniells and Bell are lesbians, but their parents do not share the same beliefs. Catherine Bells mother, Penny Atwell, is not a fan of Daniells relationship with Bell. Although her mother did not approve of the relationship, she appears to be tolerant of the actress. She has even shared photos with Penny.

Brooke Daniells Net worth

Brooke Daniells is a model and actress with a net worth of $1 million. She was born in the US. Her parents, Michael and Catherine, are multi-millionaires. Her career started in 1992 when she appeared in the fantasy comedy Death Becomes Her.

  • She has been able to earn a good net worth from the many magazines she has collaborated with.
  • Her professional activities include wedding photography, event planning, and photography.
  • Her partner, Catherine Bell, is also a photographer.
  • The two have worked together on a number of productions and movies and have inspired many women in the entertainment industry.
  • They enjoy traveling.

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3. Brooke Daniells Body Measurements

Brooke Daniells’s body measurements show that she is quite petite, with a waist size of 34 inches and a height of 5 feet 10 inches. She also has brown eyes and blonde hair. Her measurements are typical for a woman of her age.

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